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[Osaka Head Office]
2-7-6, Jyonan, Ikeda-city, Osaka
Kanda second building
TEL. +81-727-54-5757
FAX. +81-727-54-5758

[Yokohama Office]
2-12-12 Shin-Yokohama Kohoku-ku Yokohama-City, Kanagawa Shin-Yokohama IK building
TEL. +81-454-70-0177
FAX. +81-454-70-0178
We are a import company of industrial equipment handling the measuring devices used for extruders for electric wire production and its peripheral devices, plastic products in general and cleaning machine, surface treatment machine and we can suggest a solution from various angles.

Exhibition information 2021

Functionality fiber fair 2021

A period: From Thursday, February 18 to Friday, February 19
A place: Osaka industrial creation building (1-4-5, Honcho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi)
The nearest station: Osaka Metro "Chuo Line" is about 5 minutes on foot from "Sakaisuji-Hommachi Station" of "Sakaisuji Line"
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