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We are a import company of industrial equipment handling the measuring devices used for extruders for electric wire production and its peripheral devices, plastic products in general and cleaning machine, surface treatment machine and we can suggest a solution from various angles.

BURSTER company (Germany)

Burster introduction

Burster is a precision instrument manufacturer located in the southern part of Germany.
Precision, quality and versatility are the standards that have shaped the development of this business over more than fifty years into one of the most important suppliers of precision instruments, sensors and systems for sensor signal processing and process monitoring.Burster applies the highest quality standards in its production of components and systems in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008. burster supplies more than 7500 customers across Germany and around the globe. 
Burster’s innovative and experienced team provides these customers with intensive application support.
Solving complex measurement problems and integrating measurement and test technology into production environments for production control, quality assurance and test-equipment monitoring are everyday instrumentation tasks for this business.

Product proposal industry

Burster supplies measuring technology ranging from individual sensors to system solutions, with most customers based in plant construction and engineering, automation, the automotive industry and its suppliers, electrical and electronic engineering and the chemicals industry. It also has a presence in numerous other sectors and future or niche markets such as medical engineering and biotechnology.
With years of measuring sensor manufacturing experience, Burster has gained international recognition as a high quality product.

Quality standard

QA standards and tighter product liability regulations are leading to stricter demands for documented inspection of measurement and test equipment. Regular inspection of measurement and test equipment is essential here to ensuring dependable quality assurance. With ever greater demand for compliance with strictest quality requirements, burster’s in-house German-accredited DAkkS calibration laboratory D‑K‑15141-01-00 (accredited since 1980) uses traceable and continuously checked calibration standards to give the customer.

Customers in burster measurement solution in various countries

ABB, AB Elektronik, Airbus, Alfred Karcher, ALSTOM, ANF, Areva, ASTeX, Astrium, ATM, AUDI, Autoliv, B. Braun, BASF, Bayer, Beckhoff Automation, Behr, Beru Eichenauer, Biotronik, BMW, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bombardier, Borg Warner, Bosch Rexroth, BPW, Braun, Bremer Werk fur Montagesysteme (BWM), Brose, BSHG, Buhler Motor, CONTI, Continental, CRH, Daimler, DELPHI, Deprag, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt, Diehl BGT, Dillinger Huttenwerke, Drager, Dunker Motoren, Durr, E.G.O, E.ON, EADS, EATON Industries, Eberspacher, EBM Papst, Edscha Automotive, ELEKTRISOLA
Endress & Hauser, EPCOS, Eurocopter, EV.Group, FAG, Faurecia, Festo, Fette, FFT EDAG, FIAT, Ford, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe General Electric, General Motors, Honeywell, Krauss Maffei, Lenze, Leoni Kabel, Nexans, Opel, Prysmian, Renault, Robert Bosch SIEMENS, TUV, Volkswagen
Burster offer burster's original production to a wide variety of overseas industries in a parts manufacturer in vehicle, electric wire maker, machine maker, electronic equipment maker, components maker.

Burster production : Sensors and process instruments

Road cell, miniature road cell, displacement / pressure / differential pressure / turn angle sensor

Burster mall road sensor have been adopted mainly in a European automotive industry for production, automation, R&D, and quality assurance.

High-precision torque sensor 8661

The high precision torque sensor 8661 is the ideal production for reliable measurement of static and dynamic clockwise and counter-clockwise torques.
By the non-contactless transmission between the excitation signal and the measurement signal, the sensor can realize free-maintainance and the fail-safe opration.
As application of the torque sensor, it is sutiable for the managment of the claming torque, and the torque maintainance, the break-away torque in industrial production and assembling. 
◆Measurement range 0 ... It is 0 from ±0.02 Nm ... ±1,000 Nm
◆low linearity deviation < ±0.05% F.S.
◆LED status indicator  for operating conditions
◆16 bit D/A  converter including digital adjustment
◆Output signal 0 ... ±10V (option 0 ... ±5V)
◆Speed and angle measurement with resolution of up to 2000 increments (option)
◆Accessories: original software (optional torque sensor USB type and connection) 
◆From 500 Nm with four key ways (possible with an option in other ranges)

Process monitoring system DIGIFORCER 9307

Process instrument 9307 offer the management of a signal test, the leak detection, a torque curve from the measurement of two sensor, ex)torque sensor, position sensor.
**Characteristic **
◆Comprehensive process monitoring delivered by evaluation elements ''window'', ''thresholds'', ''trapeziums'', ''envelopes'' and mathematical operations
◆High measurement accuracy 0.05 % possible at 10 kHz sampling rate
◆The process unification that is flexible by Profibus communication interface
◆Simultaneous monitor of two synchronization processes
◆High-speed evaluation, data transmission for the change measurement
◆As a standard infterface, Ethernet, USB, RS232 
◆possible up to 128 measurement programs 
◆the changable configuration with a monitor
◆The original software DigiControl PC software which records the data logging of process data

Resistance measurement equipment RESISTOMAT series

With the resistance measurement series RESISTOMAT, Burster offer the qualtity solution for the resistance measurement of the electric conductor.
For application, a fuse, a electric wire conductor, a relay, a motor, a heater, a transformer.

RESISTOMAT Series Lineup

Standard Milliohmmeter RESISTOMAT 2316

the miliohmmeter 2316 is the standard model by resistance quality control.
**Characteristic **
◆From measurement range 2m Ω to 200 kilohms
◆Resolution up to 0.1μΩ   note :  the resolution depend on the model
◆Accurancy 0.03% rdg
◆Aude range function
◆Temperature compensation for all materials
◆Thermoelectromotive force compensation
◆To input voltage protection 400 Vrms
◆RS232, PLC interface (with an option USB and an Ethernet)
◆There is software for data logging, the proofreading

High-precision Resistance Measurement equipment RESISTOMAT 2304

Resistomat 2304  is most suitable for development, a labolatory test, a high-precision quality test.
◆The measurement range: from 20kΩ to 200 microhms
◆Automatic range function
◆Accurancy 0,01 %rdg
◆Resolution up to 1 nΩ.
◆Temperature Compensation by all materials
◆Standard interface IEEE488, RS232, RS485, option: USB
◆the calibration function without software
◆The original software for the data logging

High speed resistance Measuring device RESISTOMAT 2329

Resistmat 2329 is most suitable for the resistance measurement on high-speed line like the fuse manufacture.
**Characteristic **
◆From measurement range 200m Ω to 200 kΩ
◆Resolution up to 10 μΩ
◆Accurancy 0.03% Rdg.
◆The automatic measurement range selection
◆Up to evaluated/ measured 50 data per one second
◆Temperature Compensation by all materials
◆Thermovoltage compensation
◆Dry-circuit measurement in accordance with DIN IEC 512
◆Data logger for 20 000 measurement values
◆Standard RS232, PLC interface (optional IEEE488, USB and Ethernet)

Clamp device 2381 for the cable conductor

The clamping device allow to measure a conductor resistance by 1m length.
This clamping device was developed by experience of Burster company.
In addition, there is the special clamping device type for the aluminum conductor line of the stranded wire, too.
**Specifications **
Clamping device 2381; cross-section range 0.1-100mm2
Clamping device 2381-V001; cross-section range 1 ... 1,500mm2 (optional 1-2500mm2)

Resistance Temperature Detector RTD digital simulator

The digital simulator allow to give the simulator signal directly  to the used indicator for the temperature   reading with RTD 
the simulator can allow to connect a temperature indicator, for the manufacturer handling a measurement, a temperature controller unit.
◆RTD Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni1000 sensor which the equipment can simulate
◆Precision 0.02 degrees Celsius
◆Temperature scale ITS 90, IPTS 68
◆Remote control is possible through RS232/IEEE488/USB converter
Burster can offer The analog Dcade type for simulator.

High-precision resistance, standard resistor for the proofreading

It becomes the parts which are used to determine whether a resistance level of the indicator is correct.
I can determine whether you are displayed based on a standard resistor with German proofreading certificate DKD definitely.
There is the D cade type, too.

Proofreading device lineup

High-precision proofreading source generator (for the voltage, an electric current, the thermocouple) DIGISTANT4462

The ⾼ accuracy proofreading source generator ⾼ accuracy, low drift, a low noise and
I have plural functions and simple operation and stability for superior ⻑ period.
By a lamp, the preservation of the set point of plural Δ+/Δ-, a user the operation of the device
It is more easily ⾏ ukotogadekimasu.

Application example
► Proofreading of an ammeter and the direct current voltmeter
► Accurate test of the thermocouple temperature Measuring device
► Controller, sensor made shi ⽤ by process control,
  Proofreading of the detection device and other devices
► Open loop process control by the built-in lamp function
**Characteristic **
■  ⾼ accuracy electric current and voltage source +-52mA, +-30V
  An option: +-22mA, ±60V
■  High-precision simulation (option) of all conventional thermocouple types
■  Error 0.003% Rdg. (reading level)
■  RS232 and IEEE488 interface, USB and
  It is shipped with ethernet (option)
■  Current 20mA sink movement
Look at the digital catalogue of DIGISTANT4462 from this.

Out of production

Regarding the following equipment, it is not avilable to order because of a production end article.
※Please inquire for the maintenance separately by offical email.
 TEL. 072-754-5757

Universal Calibrator Digisant 4423

Digistant4423 is a universal equipment for temperature, electricity, mechanical value in the process.
DIGISTANT4423  is the universal calibrator for the proof  by each measurements, a device for indication level confirmation on the indicator in a laboratory and a shop floor.
The orginal software allows the calibration result from USB port in the equipment  .
the establishment of the calibration procedure of the DIN ISO9000 conformity by calibration software DigiCal.
**Characteristic **
◆0.015% basic precision
◆Source measurement of the transmitter
◆Record of the calibration routine of 50 proofreading products
◆Plug, the measurement connection of the sensor connector of the machine level (pressure)
◆24 VDC sources of supply for the transmitter calibration
◆Directly input Pt100 coefficient (R0, A, B, C)
◆Sink electric current
◆ Universal Serial Bus port
◆Original software Digical
◆Accessories: There is pressure / torque interface, and there is a manual pump
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