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We are a import company of industrial equipment handling the measuring devices used for extruders for electric wire production and its peripheral devices, plastic products in general and cleaning machine, surface treatment machine and we can suggest a solution from various angles.

MOZART (Germany)

MOZART society company introduction

Mozart, based in Solingen, is one of the most famous blade makers.
Mozart products are manufactured under strict quality control.
So, it guarantee the "100% Made in Solingen".
It has adopted a quality management system certified, according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

MOZART society company introduction

The highest blade manufacturer which MOZART (Mozart) establishes it in 1923, and has a base toward town of German knife sandals Gen
I do it in this.
The MOZART product is made under the severe quality control and goes down 
"100% Made in Germany" is guaranteed. 
There are the Sale results of about 100,000/year in each Asian country including Europe and is used habitually as a high retractable knife of the quality all over the world.

Premium cutter knife

It is the high-precision knife using the high alloy carbon steel blade created in Solingen, Germany.
It is available to cutting plastic and plastic film mainly.
Main fields of application: plastics deburring, rubber trimming, precision cutting of plastic parts, cardboard, leather, upholstery etc.
We have been receiving good reviews by Manufacturer,processor, etc.

Premium retractable knife

High-precision retractable knife using the high alloy carbon steel blade
I do it in this.
Bali collecting after the injection molding of plastic, plastic film,
It is most suitable for a tube, the cut of the cast. To a domestic customer
I have a favorable reception. Others, leather, model work, design
I am suitable for cuts such as work pieces, the fiber.
With a grip with high fitting characteristics based on ergonomics, the point of a sword is hard to move slightly and I arrest the place that I want to cut tight and do not miss it.
In addition, it is the design that is hard to be tiring for work for a long time.

Main use

◆Bali collecting of plastic parts to injection mold
◆Film, tube
◆Leather exact cutting
◆Model, design work pieces

※I may not be suitable by material and thickness.


・Great cutting performance and high level of safety.
・Tin plating coating is also possible.
・The grip is good fit and easy to use.
・The design that is less tiring for long-time work.
・worn blade is able to be exchanged very easily without tools.


・Superior cutting performance, safer safety
・Grip with high fitting characteristics
・The design that is hard to be tiring for long-time work
・Simple the exchange of the worn blade (tool unnecessary)
・It is made in Germany and is high quality
・I use a blade of the 0.5mm thickness
・Right-handed person, left-handed person for two uses
The process of manufacture of the high-precision knife, a use example, the exchange method of the blade
You can see it

MOZART company Instagram

MOZART company began official Instagram.
Instagram account "mozartcuts"
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