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[Osaka Head Office]
2-7-6, Jyonan, Ikeda-city, Osaka
Kanda second building
TEL. +81-727-54-5757
FAX. +81-727-54-5758

[Yokohama Office]
2-12-12 Shin-Yokohama Kohoku-ku Yokohama-City, Kanagawa Shin-Yokohama IK building
TEL. +81-454-70-0177
FAX. +81-454-70-0178
We are a import company of industrial equipment handling the measuring devices used for extruders for electric wire production and its peripheral devices, plastic products in general and cleaning machine, surface treatment machine and we can suggest a solution from various angles.

LUNE company sole agent

Company introduction

Lune company is a German manufacturer selling Non-Contact Temperature Measurement from 1991.
The CHF(The Convective Heat Flow) system of LUNE company is used in the electric wire manufacture of the world.and,in particular it has the abundant results in the conductor temperature measurement of the electric wire.
LUNE Corporation developed CHF system in order to solve a problem called the frequent adjustment of radiative coefficient and the focal length that were a big problem in conventional optical temperature measurement.
This CHF system is the LUNE company's original measurement system, in particular, the ease of the high-precision and measurement method gets big support.
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