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[Osaka Head Office]
2-7-6, Jyonan, Ikeda-city, Osaka
Kanda second building
TEL. +81-727-54-5757
FAX. +81-727-54-5758

[Yokohama Office]
2-12-12 Shin-Yokohama Kohoku-ku Yokohama-City, Kanagawa Shin-Yokohama IK building
TEL. +81-454-70-0177
FAX. +81-454-70-0178
We are a import company of industrial equipment handling the measuring devices used for extruders for electric wire production and its peripheral devices, plastic products in general and cleaning machine, surface treatment machine and we can suggest a solution from various angles.

Yokohama showroom opening DAY!!

Yokohama showroom (blast facilities) opening DAY!

All the customers
Yokohama Office
Guidance of Yokohama showroom (blast facilities) opening DAY
 Dear Sir or Madam, best wishes for your continued success.
I have particular kind consideration, and always thank you very much.
I guide you as I progressed to hold "Yokohama showroom (blast facilities) opening DAY" in the following point in us.
There was very much facilities visit / experience-based hope from all of you and decided to hold it.
In a showroom, low-pressure blast device UNIFINISH is displayed, and * / can experience "microfinish processing" to perform in our device.
I would appreciate reference for problem solution to "in "die polishing" "minute Bali collecting" detached room form inclinations".
I am sorry to trouble you, but I hope that I have you drop in by all means. When you wish to participate as it needs reservations, you fill out an attached sheet application and would like to send me it in email or Fax.
Yours sincerely,
1. Period from Wednesday, March 22, 2017 to 24th Friday
2. Holding time from 10:00 to 16:00
3. Holding place we Yokohama showroom
The above 




I download an application and would appreciate your sending it to our Yokohama office in E-mail or Fax.
Fax: 045-470-0178

Introduction of the device

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