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We are a import company of industrial equipment handling the measuring devices used for extruders for electric wire production and its peripheral devices, plastic products in general and cleaning machine, surface treatment machine and we can suggest a solution from various angles.

RANDCASTLE company (the United States)

Company introduction


 It is a maker of vertical extruder “ Microtruderfor research and development to realize a microminiature super low output developed in the United States in 1987.

I suggest a system depending on various uses such as peretaijingu / film / tubes.


The most compact vertical extruder body (RCP-0250) is microminiature, and it does not choose the setting place with width 490mm/ depth 230mm/ high 610mm.

With the model, research and development are possible by the super low output such as 10 g/h.

The kneading technology of various patent acquisition is available for suggestion in the United States, too.

Screw diameter and pellet maximum diameter are different and, according to output, can suggest the most suitable system.
Microtruder is much superior to horizontal small extrusion in vertical extrusion in screw strength, good feeding, setting space. Research and development are possible in elongator screw  and the kneading technology that acquired a patent that is high by a re-circulator screw. The ability for kneading has the ability that is higher than biaxial extrusion. Having various options, I cope with pushing out such as a pellet, a film (single layer, multi layer), a blow film, a seat, monofilament, fiber, a cable, the tube.
The product made in hasuteroi / Inconel corresponding to fluoric resin pushing out is selectable, too.
About the screw washing of Microtruder, I recommend UNICLEAN UCL-55 made in Sablux company to be able to easily perform without damaging it.

Introduction of each line
Film line
pelletizing line
Blow film line
Seat line
Monofilament line
Tube line / electric wire line

Film line

Film line

 A line example: Extruder RCP-0250, 2 inch film dies, chill-roll, winder


It is the smallest film line in the world.


Film molding is possible by attaching a lip die, chill-roll, a torque winder to Microtruder.

It supports film 50mm - 500mm in width, film thickness 0.25mm or less.

The die comprises an exchangeable manifold and can make a film of the thickness that is uniform by choosing a manifold of the size that I added viscously of the resin.

The pushed film is cooled with the chill-roll and is wound off with a torque winder.


The molding of up to 15 levels of films is possible by using several extruders.


There is slitter station to cut the both ends of the film.

pelletizing line

A line example: Extruder RCP-1250, pelletizer (RCP-2.0), high kneading elongator screw,
Water-cooled trough

The making of the pellet is possible by attaching a pelletizer, a strand die.

I push Strand out of the extruder and cut it into the shape of the pellet with the cutter of the pelletizer after the cooling.

It can produce it from pellet size 0.5mm.

There is special pelletizing line without the water tank corresponding to water-soluble materials.

Blow film line

A line example: Extruder RCP-0750, 1.5 inch film die, air ring, 14 inch blow film towers, winder



Blow film molding is possible by installing a blow film die, a tower.
I can make the films from single layer to
up to 15 levels. (15 levels of time, use extruder eight)
I cope to film thickness 25mm - 450mm.
As for the die, there are a spider die, a spiral die, the hybrid die which I matched both characteristics with.
The tower is available for height of the resin adjustment to a characteristic.

Seat line

A line example: Extruder RCP-0750, 6 inch dies, seat winder



Seat molding is possible by attaching lip die, seat winder to Microtruder.

Seat pushing out supports the seat width of 50mm - 300mm, seat thickness of 0.25mm - 3.1mm.

The die comprises an exchangeable manifold and can make a seat of the thickness that is uniform by choosing a manifold of the size that I added viscously of the resin.


The molding of the multi layer sheet is possible by using several extruders. (five levels of seat making that I, e.g., use three extruders)

Monofilament line

A line example: Extruder RCP-0250, single strand die, water-cooled trough, slow godet, oven, first godet, winder



The monofilament line made in Randcastle company is available for single monofilament making of 10g per time. The average extension magnification is from 1:1 to 12:1. There are low-speed godet and high-speed godet and can set it by extension magnification each.


Tube line / electric wire line

A line example: Extruder RCP-0500, die, water-cooled trough, winding supreme ability of self-enlightenment, winder


Tube molding and cable jacketing are possible by installing a crosshead, a capstan, a winder.
I support it so that a tube after the molding does not collapse using low-pressure air supply for tube molding. Invention for the winding supreme ability of self-enlightenment not to transform a product includes the type with
four grooves and enables the control of the wide range with a DC motor.

Please examine fixed centered crossheads made in
UNITEK company in cable jacketing.

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