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As a import company of industrial equipment,
we always introduce the cutting-edge technology
that is reliable to Japan from the world.
As a import company of industrial equipment,
we always introduce the cutting-edge technology
that is reliable to Japan from the world.
As a import company of industrial equipment,
we always introduce the cutting-edge technology
that is reliable to Japan from the world.
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We are a import company of industrial equipment handling the measuring devices used for extruders for electric wire production and its peripheral devices, plastic products in general and cleaning machine, surface treatment machine and we can suggest a solution from various angles.


Introduction [Sablux news August issue] of the metal surface processor own motive (UNIFINISH)
Firstly it is ...

The Sablux news delivers it to user having you already use our handling product, the customer whom the product examines for the purpose of providing useful information and to be able to utilize.

The Sablux company product which is the handling product of our UNITEK JAPAN in the Sablux news

  • UNICLEAN (screw, die washing blast device)
    It is blast Cleaning machine specialized in the washing of a screw, the die. It is the device which I can wash without giving a screw, the base material of the die damage by using blast agent of the thermosetting resin.
  • UNIFINISH (metal surface processing blast device)
    It is the blast device which can plan die polishing, Bali collecting, surface minute mold release characteristics, fluid improvement.
    I can make the metal surface minute as a blast processes the metal surface using alumina, two kinds of blast agent of glass beads.
    Adjusting it from urtra-low air pressure (0.03MPa) is possible and can handle corner anyone, dimensions change regardless of the technology of the worker in spite of being a guard besides.
I will send the above, UNICLEAN, the use results of the UNIFINISH.

An introduction of the metal surface processor own motive UNIFINISH!
Satellite machine image
I introduce the results of the own motive of the product made in Sablux Corporation metal surface processor to make it people going on the theme in the Sablux news now in the production spot-saving in this time, and to make use for a problem of the efficiency of the mass production by all means.

★Satellite machine
I arrange processing parts into a Japanese yen form on a table, and the half automatic processing of plural parts is possible by turning it in a cabin.
I can make processing on the whole parts by making a nozzle jetting a blast going up and down type, yudoshiki.

Bali collecting own motive

Bali collecting own motive
 A use: Clock parts Bali collecting
This automatically makes a blast in clock parts and is an own motive of the UNIFINISH used by a use to take Bali.
I do a blast than the nozzle of right and left while catching parts, and turning it with a central grip.

Look at the video from this.

The above is just one case and can let you guide an own motive of the UNIFINISH to a use and the hope of the customer variously.
In addition, you can let you do the suggestion except the blast as our subcontractors include the robot makers. (e.g.,: a robot arm, pickup, the boxing of the product)
If there are themes such as the efficiency of a theme and the mass production of becoming it, a person-saving, please feel free to contact me in your company.
Die surface treatment device UNIFINISH, at first, metal in what come on a demonstration test in the first free of charge in us
I would appreciate your checking performance of this.
In addition, about the customer who cannot visit an office under the influence of new coronavirus now,
As I go, the remote (Web correspondence: Skype, GoogleMeet, Teams) feels free to contact us, too
Please contact me.
I would appreciate your asking it to the following contact information if you have any questions.

[Osaka Head Office]
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TEL: +81-727-54-5757 FAX: +81-727-54-5758
[Yokohama Office]
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TEL: +81-454-70-0177 FAX: +81-454-70-0178
[YouTube] You can see ← washing, the surface treatment video in YouTube. 

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